Roger Ebert is a good place to start. Read "The Enigma of Rosebud: Citizen Kane and the Critical Impulse" (pp. 35 - 46) in the blue Support Booklet and answer the questions in the 'Discussion' section of this page. The questions have also been provided as a two part PDF for ease of reference.

- Ebert's 1998 review of Citizen Kane
Have a read of Kennedy's essay. It is a good model for what you are trying to write.
- Read the essay entitled 'Mis-en-scene vs Montage' (NB!)

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Laura Mulvey is a feminist writer, offering interesting insights into Citizen Kane. Her article "From Log Cabin to Xanadu" appears on pp. 29 - 34 in the blue Support Booklet. Also, read the additional pages from "Some thoughts from Laura Mulvey" attached as a PDF document. Answer the questions in the 'Discussion' section of this page. They have again been provided in PDF format for ease of reference.

Th Mulvey questions are on page 1 and page 2 of the discussion page linked to this page.

Useful Links:
Tim Dirks' analysis from "Greatest Films"