Year 12 EA3 2010 Texts In Time Exploration

You need to read the material provided on this wiki and answer the questions set as part of your study in this module. You will be expected to comment on other students' responses from time-to-time. In doing so you need to suggest both the value of their argument, as well as point out how their responses could be improved, or further developed.

It is important that you always consider the texts and that your responses are sufficiently anchored in both The Great Gatsby and The Sonnets from the Portuguese.

"Gatsby as a Representation of Modernism" is a consideration of Fitzgerald's work as part of Modernist Literature.

"Desire's Second Act" in its various parts is long essay by Benjamin Schreier that considers race and Gatsby's cynical Americanism. Although we have no real interest in questions of race, Schreier does make a series of very good points about the novel as a representation of American life in the 1920s.

Read the paper by Pamela Loy (below). She offers some interesting insights about Barrett Browning and is a useful basis from which to begin any essay.

Other Documents refered to: